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My note every month was 575.31 I took my car and contract to another Chrysler dodge and the manager over at that particular one told me that my contract wasnt even legal do to the fact that it is illegal in the state of California to have an interest rate of 25.75 percent. We can travel up to 4 hours from home for medical appointments. It was bad enough that I got a bad deal with the dealership when I got this car. Thus far I have paid more than $8k on my car and while when I log in it shows my balance as $18,160 the pay off is over $19k. My daughter signed an agreement to finance herJeep Cherokee for 7 years but her payments are still high. No electric windows no air conditioning, no gps or anything. Our payments are 395 a month. He couldnt do it anymore. I have to do something because its getting crazy. We offer a submission form on our website for you to fill out if you are seeking class action legal help. We purchased this car because at the time I was pregnant and we needed something reliable..the 1998 Chevy Blazer we had before this was better. A month later i had to purchase tires bc the dealer repaired the car and didnt realign it. This case was a New York case, and the judge declared that there were no violations of New York state law taking place. Now with the new info discovered, the vehicle has had at least 3 owners, a serious accident, and now by law it has to be reported so the title will be changed to a rebuilt or salvaged title. I wanted outta this car but since or loan is so high we cant get out of it! if anyone has any help with this, that would be greatthanks. The case, Pistorio, et al., v. FCA US LLC, was filed in Michigan. I am looking to do the same thing may have a lawyer in mind but need more people that was put in the same are similar situation. They said I had exhausted all my options and when I asked what options I was told they gave me the maximum 8 deferments which is all you can get for the life of the loan. I have been trying to come up with extra money to pay towards just the principle, but they have my payment so high that it is impossible. Not only do owner complaints help us rank vehicles by reliability, but they're often used to spark class-action lawsuits and warranty extensions. My payment is $1200 a month. Kochi Kerala India South Asia Asia Place. I have a 2014 Dodge Dart SXT financed with Chrysler Capital on March 12, 2014 with only 9 miles. Re: Santander And A New Class Action Lawsuit. we bought a 2016 chrysler 200 brand new it has 69000 miles on it now. I am still paying on the car, and my payment period was suppose to end last November. I thought I would be getting my title but nothing. Plus, they're a great way to vent. Check out the FAQ below, and chat with us if you need additional assistance. avengeningdireangel 21 min. I think i just might fix my engine and turn this car back in because my other car is paid off. UPDATE: TheChrysler Capital Sued in Auto Loan Class Action Lawsuit was dismissed on September 30, 2017. In 15 month pretty much my entire $8k has all went towards their interest. I also have this problem and I am in the process of sueing them also. Had no knowledge of such reports. I paid on my truck for 8 years.

I have reported any scammers I come across but that doesnt stop them from continuing to call or however they communicate. Terms and Conditions. The Pentastar V6 problems include hesitation, misfires, surges, ticking, bucking, loss of power and, ultimately, engine failure.

  • At 21%, paying almost $515/mo (which is about $150 more than what I told them that I was comfortable paying each month but yet again they told me it was only for a year) in total for 72 month..I will have paid more than $37k after all is said and done. Case Details Parties Documents Dockets . Now my principle is still $24500 after over 3 years! According tothe auto loan class action lawsuit,Chrysler Capital targets vulnerable, low-income consumers like Mr. Garcia who desperately need a car to go to work and take care of their family and who have essentially no bargaining power. your claim status, claim form or questions about when payments are After this is complete, Santander Consumer USA, Chrysler Capitals controlling member,allegedlysecures the subprime auto loans like Garcias for sale to investors. I told him what payment I was comfortable with and I was not willing to budge. You dont have to sign them. There dealership were I went was doing fraudulent deals and the bank knew of it but me being a car buyer whos new to buying a car. Request a Chrysler Capital Lien Release In 3 Steps A lien refers to a tool used by lenders or parties selling high-value items such as a car or a house. add me pls. According to Garcias class action lawsuit, Chrysler Capital employs retail installment contracts that allow the financial arm of Chrysler Group to conceal auto loan transactions that are above the 16 percent state maximum. This truck was purchased in Alabama and I reside in GA, there fore was told I didnt qualify for settlement although I am yet a victim of Usury Law violation.. vehicle retail sales and leases. It was eventually showing on my credit as charged off and they still put to my credit negative reports of me owing 10,000. I swear they rob the poor and vulnerable. (This explains the constant severe problems with the vehicle, which are a safety hazard.) He told me to take it to Witten Brother. please if anybody knows anybody that can help let me know. When I happened to see it I almost choked! They sold it for 4,000.00. And I pay extra every month and it seems like its not moving. The Lexus Dealership and Insurance Company at that time did everything under the table to not report the collision or change the title, as they were required to by law. How do I get ahold of someone to part of this lawsuit! So I asked what would happen if we could come up with the $9450, which we cant. PLEASE tell me how I can get in on this lawsuit. When I arrived I was herded into a back room. Were sorry we dont have better news for you. After Adding extra interest and fees my balance came up to 34thousand in total payoff. The Jeep Cherokee transmission lawsuit was filed by New Jersey plaintiff Stacy Oquendo, who bought her 2014 Cherokee in April 2014. They called me and said they will help me get a car and sent someone to pick me up the next day. my APR is 18% basically Ill be paying back $47,000 on the car. Iris Medical Solutions Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 25 August 2005. Can someone please tell me who to reach out to just to make sure these people are not getting over on me. You dont have to finance your life away for instant gratification. Chrysler Capital | Auto Finance Get Financing Enter Preselected MyAccount Financial Estimate Your Monthly Payment This tool can help you figure out how much you might spend each month for your car. The plaintiffs allege the engine has a piston ring design defect that allows oil to seep into the combustion chamber. Links to external websites are provided for convenience. This is currently happening to me, we have a 2013 Dodge Avenger we got in 2014. Now our credit is so bad, we cant go anywhere else to get a loan on the Mustang, not to mention we owe far more than the value!